I’m Gabriela Aquije Zegarra, a Peruvian architect and design researcher based in Germany, focused on the political ecologies of food systems.

Through the lenses of critical spatial practice.

Along with my experience as a landscape architect in the office LLONAZAMORA in Lima, I also took part in local and international projects related to exhibition design, curatorial research, and pedagogical practice. Through all, I engaged actively with the public realm: human tissue, cultural material, and space. Because I learn constantly from the fluid character of this realm, I value the practice-based design process as much as an open outcome. The designed medium, either a public infrastructure or temporary installation, aims to explore the dynamics between actors (human and non-human) and the built environment.

Architect with an appetite

I developed a way of working that is anchored in a collaborative practice, which reflects in my current explorations of food systems. Through my multicultural and transdisciplinary background, I interweave plural perspectives and methods into my work. In 2020 I graduated from the MSc. Design Research COOP between the Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the Humboldt University of Berlin.

From there on, I expanded my practice to explore food consumption and its cultural and ecological interconnections. Today I create, between Food System and Critical Design, public formats, eating -mediums, and circular infrastructures. Among other committed projects in the field of food circular systems, I co-founded with Mayar El Bakry the Cocinas Alterinas, a project that develops kitchens as places of care, recreation, and resistance.

As part of my research interest, I’m the project manager of the international digital platform Visualizing the Virus, led by Dr. Sria Chatterjee and supported by DARIAH EU, FHNW, Basel, and the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University.